In-Store Products

Basic and High-Level Security Products for Homes and Offices


Dedge’s Lock & Key Shop, Inc. has a full in-house locksmith service in Jacksonville, FL. We can do locks while you wait, do your automotive work, service safes, cut keys on-site, car laser remotes, and other services that cannot be done in many other places.

Our store has everything you may need for your house or office security like standard- and high-security locks, padlocks, door closers, alarm systems, safes, CCTV systems, access controls, and other stock.

We can also make personalized keys matching sports teams, cartoon characters, and any others as per our customers’ requirements. Visit our store to see our display of our basic and high-level security products which are suitable for both homes and offices.


Dedge’s Lock & Key Shop, Inc. has many safes in stock of all sizes and capabilities. Whether you need a fire safe, gun safe, or depository, our experts are available to help you decide what is best for your home or business.